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The Great Divide: Whose problem is it when Colby Covington crosses the line?

The Great Divide is a recurring feature here at MMA Fighting in which two of our staff debate a topic in the world of MMA — whether it’s news, a

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Front of package’ nutrition labels improved nutrition quality

A new study analyzing 16 years of data on tens of thousands of products finds that the adoption of nutrition data on “front of package” (FOP) labels is associated with

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Business leaders call for air bridge between London and New York

Business leaders today ramped up pressure on the Government to create an air bridge between the UK and US amid fears the lack of a plane route is preventing deals.

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This new PUGB leak reckons there’s a new “tournament-style” mode on the way

The latest PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds leak purports there’s a new game mode on the way. Called Vostok, it’s been described as a “mix of FPS and Auto Battler genre”. In a

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Alabama prosecutors oppose jailed speaker’s bid for leniency

OPELIKA, Ala. — Former Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard doesn’t deserve any reduction of his four-year prison sentence for ethics violations because he has not shown remorse and was convicted

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